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Jessica Fontenot draws and paints our contemporary world, often from the driver’s seat. Her work is a mix of infrastructure observations and a record of place as anchors for our memories.


200 Days

A travel art project through Europe where I create a daily watercolor of a street scene I find. 12 cities, 7 countries, 200 days and 200 drawings.

Feb 5 - Aug 22, 2024.


The Roadtrip Show

A body of work created from photographs taken during a 5,000 mile roadtrip through the US Southwest.

The exhibition is a website experience: theroadtripshow.com


One Year of Buildings

Every day for one year I drew a building, and developed my architectural, watercolor drawing style.


East Austin Work

A collection of artwork about the past and present of the East Austin neighborhood in Austin, TX.


Rockland Residency

Artwork made during my time in Seattle as part of the Rockland Residency. I focused on the city’s gentrification and how redlining in the mid-1900s affected who lived where.

Read more about my process
& keep up with the work HERE.

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