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Rockland Residency

Some of the work I created during the Rockland Residency in Seattle, WA. I focused on the gentrification happening in Seattle, predominantly in the Central District neighborhood—which is a mirror to East Austin’s pattern.

Cecil Beatty’s Redlining Story with Central District Homes (3 pieces) watercolor and pen on paper, all 12x16”

This series of 3 homes with drawn type is a story from Shelf Life, a local Seattle community project recording oral histories with Central District neighborhood residents. 

Yesler Terrace watercolor and pen on paper, 12x16”

Yesler Terrace was the first racially integrated public housing in the U.S. and in recent decades a safe landing place for immigrants from East Africa, Cambodia and Vietnam. The original buildings were being bulldozed while I was in Seattle, and new buildings being built with a promise to house all previous residents, with considerable public doubt.

The Roadtrip Show

One Year of Buildings

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