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200 Days of European Street Scenes

200 Days is a travel art project of my own making where I will travel through Europe and create a daily watercolor of a street scene I find. 12 cities, 7 countries, 200 days and 200 drawings.

I created this project out of a deep need to step away from the hustle and get back to drawing for drawing’s sake. I dreamed up my dreamiest itinerary to spend days discovering life’s happenstance moments that are so beautiful they scream out to be drawn. Scream! I want to capture that beauty, show you what I see and remind us all of the world’s magic.

The last time I did a daily drawing project of this scale was 2016, One Year of Buildings. Since then I have drawn many places for friends, clients, and I truly love it. There’s so much joy, satisfaction and connection in creating images for people to remember a place or a person or a time.

But lately when I draw I am stiff and the lines feel stilted, not as alive as they have once been. Drawing requires relaxing into it, giving up control and just being an instrument. That’s when lines and brushstrokes have life and feeling. This project is a return to the powerful tool of a long-term daily project, like a shock to the heart and a dose of growth hormones.
200 Days is about time, the most critical resource accumulated for this project. Real weeks-stretched-out-in-front-of-me kind of time to rest, explore and most importantly play. I will play with lines, color, and composition—and I will also play with ambling walks to nowhere, meeting strangers and finding the best ice cream.

200 Days is about freedom. A freedom I wish for everyone, where you can experience life’s simple joys and pursue the things that grip your heart.


Day 1 is February 5, 2024 and
Day 200 is August 22, 2024.

Follow along on Instagram for daily updates and Substack for monthly updates. And all drawings will be put on this webpage down below every week-ish.


And after,

I am hosting an art show of 60ish originals from the project.

The Cathedral in East Austin
Sept 20, 2024 @ 6pm

Save the Date in GCal

Daily drawings:

(coming soon)

One Year of Buildings

East Austin Work
Rockland Residency

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