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Jessica Fontenot is an illustrator and artist who is curious about our everyday surroundings—architecture, highways, 18-wheelers, etc. Much of her work documents these subjects, revealing the inherent beauty of our world that we often ignore.

In 2016, Jessica began a project of drawing a building everyday. What started as a drawing exercise evolved into a deep dive into how government policies shape neighborhoods by race. This exposed the deep systemic racism in city planning, galvanizing her to explore these themes in her work. With a background in chemistry, Jessica is an analytical thinker who enriches her art with research and found data.

Prior to becoming an independent artist, Jessica worked as a designer for ad agencies and tech start-ups where she sharpened her visual problem solving skills and dexterity in client collaboration.

She pursues work that brings to light the beauty in our world, tells compelling stories and exposes the underbelly of our society: segregation, gentrification, and political strife.

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She is currently taking on new projects and you can find her at

Texas Monthly
Austin Energy
Chameleon Cold Brew
Oxford American
Austin Public Works
McGuire Moorman
Bunkhouse Group
Locale Hotels
Asterisk Group

Shoutout HTX Feature
Tribeza Feature

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