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Yes, I do custom work. 

I enjoy working with people to create a unique piece of art that captures a memory, like the house your family was raised in, the bar where you met your partner, the travel snapshot from that great trip, the restaurant that felt like a second home. 

You provide me with image/s, we discuss what you’re looking for and then I make the work.
All pieces are created on watercolor paper using an ink pen and watercolors.

Do I need one perfect image to work from?
No. I often work with many images to piece the final together. 

Can I add things to the piece that aren’t in the photo?
Yes. A few scenarios I’ve encountered: add a specific vehicle to the driveway, draw her favorite flowers in bloom, add the beloved hammock to the trees, add a gay pride flag on the porch, etc. I love to work with my clients to get these details right. 

What if the picture is low resolution or small?
That’s okay. I have worked from some rough photos before—and sometimes Google street view can help in these situations. 

What if all the trees and grass are dead in the photos?
No problem. I always draw and paint plants at the height of spring, everything alive and green. 

Do I create custom work that isn’t a building?
Yes, although it depends. I do not do commissions of people or animals. I can do landscapes, interiors, and objects (vehicles, food, etc.). 

Can you have prints made of the custom work (to share the love)?
Yes! I can scan the original work and create prints. It is also possible to have prints made in different sizes than the original. 

Got a place in mind?

Send me an email at 

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